All the World's an Autostage

When automation goes bad... :) There’s no mistaking who ate all the pumpkin pies here. In the background, a passing highland cow’s stopped to take a look at this small but growing settlement.

IT'S BEEN ANOTHER busy month at Autonauts HQ where we’ve been mostly merrily making more missions and persistently pursuing possible publishing partnerships (all alluringly alliterative there). It’s fair to say that we are slowly but surely moving forwards in both areas.

The first two Ages - currently (boringly, granted) called “The Prehistoric Age” and “The Ancient Past” - are coming together nicely now after an ongoing cycle of playing and creating and adding and removing and adjusting and whatnot. These periods focus on inventing tools, building a base camp, assembling a basic Bot crew and getting an automated smallscale forestry and farm up and running in readiness to grow, feed and shelter colonists. That takes you up to the discovery of crude metal and the cusp of “The Middle Ages,” which is where you start to construct small colonist villages and the automation requirements ramp up.

This rough and ready work in progress from the game shows how our technology timeline currently unfolds through missions in the ‘Campaign’ mode. The 'Missions Chart' helps you keep track of what you've been doing, what's unlocked along the way and what you can aim for next.

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I wonder who suggested adding pumpkin pies to Autonauts?


the folk should explode after eating too much

also its cool that your using ages, I really want a flintstones car

Yeah, I think exploding folk would be pretty cool, it'd open up more stuff to program the robots to do and ideas for different items.

And a flitstones car is pretty cool.