Scripts Too Shall Pass

Our new update to the Bot scripting means that Bots can now give each other objects, which is top fun and jolly useful.

You probably weren't aware that a while back we added a feature that allows you and Bots to throw objects to each other if you were in close enough proximity, which has proven handy but in a limited capacity. Now we've added the potential to fit Bot upgrades in the field, we needed this process to be automatable, which was fraught with edge cases but it all works rather well :)

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Ohh! My logger bots are never gonna be axe-less again! :D

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This is the passing action we added a while back. If you RMB close enough to a Bot indicated by your selector, you throw whatever you're holding to it and it catches it - or it throws what it's holding to you.

Here's one way to teach Bots how to throw to each other. The Bot on the left has been shown to find the nearest Bot in an area and 'add' to it (in this instance, the search area is a single cell, to guarantee which Bot is the target). It's as simple as that. You can build up silly sequences with Bots throwing things to each other now :D

Hello, so how does it work, is it a request from a bot waiting for someone to give it something (I mean a new command for the receiver) or is it a bot that gives to another without any request from him

We've added some new pictures to the comments that should help explain what's going on :)

Thank you for the pictures, it will be very handy with this add to automate everything.
I have one last question, if the receiver bot has his hands taken, will the other one put it in his backpack or he will ignore it?

He'll just ignore it and look for a bot that can take it :)

ok thanks :)


"Scripts Too Shall Pass". What a great idea!  Would you please give us another image that shows the script that passes an object to another bot, such as shown above.  Thank you.

We've added some new pictures to the comments that should help :)


now programming should be automated


I agree :)