Four New GIFs

Hi! Been a while. Trust all's well in your world? We're still making Autonauts (and, perhaps most importantly, still enjoying it). And it's still on course for a proper Steam release later this year.

Here we have four mildly interesting GIFs to share, to show that we are still making progress. Perpetual special thanks to Koloxlo for his save :)

Much time recently has been spent improving all the menus and buttons and whatnot (the so-called "UI"). The gritty GIF above shows the new Hotbar, Bot Tab, Research Tab and Plans Tab (summaries of how to colonise a planet as part of the massive technology timeline tree). Oh, and bricks in storage in stacked palettes in this basic brickyard. And 600 Bots on the go! :O

The new Edit Mode: down the bottom of the screen and all tabby rather than one big lump down the side :) This is a Bot Workshop where the process of making Bot Bits and whole Bots has been automated. Most of the structures are now colour-coded like these cyan Bot Workbenches, cos it's nice variety and helps identification.

New Bot Selection Mode desaturates the background and pinks up the Bots to make it simpler to spot them and pick them. They're also shown in x-ray through obstacles and so much easier to find.

Don't think we mentioned before but these days you can build structures on platforms on the water and make jetties and piers and whatnot. Which is nice.

Later, tater!

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if you pronounce it JIF you are a demonic bot with a deadly virus and should be put in a incinerator imedeatly

are the  new  update is will able to download at with free?

We won't be updating the Itch version any more. Sorry :(

How to get the new update??

(i just confused)

(reply pls)

(I love this game)

(I think thats all)

(Yep thats all)



Are the new version is need to pay?

Or not?

i hope not

Sorry for the confusion, the new version will be available via Steam some time towards the end of this year.

thats is will be so long :(

Sorry, there's still a lot to do

Why does my game look different I installed the newest version and it looks different 

Hi. Apologies for the confusion. Autonauts on is the Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha: a public prototype used to help prove the concept and help us build The Real Thing, for release through Steam. The version hasn't been updated since November 2017 and we won't be updating it again. Obviously we haven't made that clear enough so, moving forwards, it'd be wise if we reiterated that every time we keep our followers in the loop with progress.

oh when will it get released?

this game has improved so much from the past, keep going Denki!

Thank you

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Hi guys.  It's great to see some of the progress that you have made on the development of the new version of Autonauts.  I actually played the game again for about half a day this past weekend after not doing so for quite a while.  I still find the existing version enjoyable.

I like the gifs that you showed above. I look forward to playing the new version before the end of this year.  That 4th gif that showed the bots on that platform in the middle of the lake reminded me of when I built an island myself in the lake last year.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the support! We really appreciate it