Penning Highland Cows in an enclosed space converts an idea for 'farm animal breeding station' into a barn blueprint!

AHEM. EXCUSE the placeholder text in that screenshot :) A lot less to show this month, but only because we’ve been so busy with the less obvious essentials beneath the surface, namely toughening up the product and the game.

By ‘product’ we mean all the mundane structure, workings and wrappings that hold the game together so it’s fit for public consumption :) Which translates as robust save file error handling, supporting different screen aspect ratios, redefinable keyboard controls, Steam platform integration... That sort of thing.

As for the game, we arranged all the ‘missions’ and triggers and blueprints we thought we’d need to take us up to (but not including) the invention of steam - and then we played with that and fiddled with it and added things and removed bits and are still doing that today. And it’s feeling good! (The Bot grouping is working out SO well.) Not everything is as obvious as it needs to be yet, but that’s improving every day, too :)

Fave recent refinement is the merging of signposts and Bot beacons, which makes them so much easier to understand and use. Best recent addition by far is the recognition of enclosed areas, which means you can make defined fields, buildings, etc, like a formal field of cows for your dairy or an obvious orchard for your fruit farming or a distinctive workshop for, say, automating the making of tools.

Intermediate parts are much more of a thing now, like frames and panels and fixings to build more advanced structures and machines. Oh! And we added blueprints for some ‘Wonders' to build as rewards for completing the different ages.

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completely random question but if you do not mind me asking what coding language are you using?

This is made in Unity so we use C#

... random question: will there be a rediculously unstable build for me to test... i would be able to provide feed back (plus you guys are having too much fun doing something as tedious as game development)

Unfortunately not. We're not at a point that we can share anything just yet.

We all need to realize that when Denki said "Remember that mahoosive technology tree timeline flowchart we did?", that meant that the developers were planning on building that entire timeline into the next version of Autonauts and that they are going to need a mahoosive amount of time to do so.  (  Now that it is November 2018,  I no longer expect them to be able to complete the development of the next version during this year, as they suggested back in November 2017.  I will not be surprised if we are still waiting in November 2019.

only a few more months of tedious work for you... and then we finally have yet another great idea out in the world of stuff that is real life


Oh, this isn't tedious. It's amazing fun!

Oh my GOD I love this update! I'm so so happy to hear that you're working on the robustness and testing up a storm! I think that makes it hugely more likely that your wonderful game will live up to its potential <3 <3 <3


Thanks! Yeah this month has been the most exciting for me because we're finally able to take all the things we've been making for the last year and play a proper game. 

Of course, everything does not need to be absolutely perfect before it is released.  We all enjoyed getting the updates last year that gave us something better each week.  We don't want to wait for perfection but instead have something that we can enjoy at the new year.