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Still no new public version, soz to say. But we have been busy sorting out the game and adding handy features along the way. Like being able to group Bots. Here you see the Crop Crew doing their thing alongside the Forestry Team (and, yes, headgear fans, hats are still a thing). The Bot tab's more use now, too, cos it better summarises the status of each Bot or group.

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Oh yes!!

Cool guys.  Any funding news?  Have you figured out the best way for you to bring the game to market?

Nothing solid, but we're in the conversations with a few publishers at the moment.

Great.  I will be watching.  If it's an investable platform I just may get my checkbook out.  Good luck guys!


Thank you for posting this image!  I see on the "Bot's" tab that it shows at the top the number of Bots, and below that are four icons and a down-arrow.  The first icon looks like two Folk, but perhaps those are really two Bots?  Is that icon used for naming "Groups", such as "Crops" and "Forestry"? 

The second icon shows three lines, so I presume that icon should be clicked to return from the "Groups" mode to the "Bots" mode.

I presume that the "+" and the "-" icons are used for adding Bots to Groups and removing Bots from Groups.

I presume that the down-arrow is for changing the sort sequence of the Bots, such as by Name, by Last Object Held, and maybe by another sequence.

Below the icons, I see the Groups and each Group's Bots.  Each Bot is shown with its Name, a symbol in a green circle (maybe it's a "Thumbs-Up" icon to show that the Bot is active, maybe it's a Hat), and the Bot's Last Object Held. 

Would you please let us know if this information is correct?  What are the possible values shown in the green circles?  Thank you.


Bots are added/removed to groups by dragging and dropping.

The "2 people" icon is for creating a new group. The "3 lines" was used for editing the settings of a group but that's now been removed in favour of a more immediate method. The "+" and "-" will expand and collapse all groups. The down arrow just sorts in reverse order. We're not sure if we'll keep that, it was left over from the old bot list.

Each group has an icon which shows if all bots are working correctly or if any have any problems. Green = "all good", Orange = "low energy" and Red = "no energy" or "broken tool". The icon to the right is a "-" and will collapse the group. 

Hope that helps :D

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Wonderful! I have nothing else to say because this is so great