What's Autonew?

Reminder: the version of Autonauts on itch.io is the Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha: a public prototype used to help prove the concept and help us build The Real Thing (which will be released via Steam later this year); it won't be updated.

So much has tightened up in this last month! Here are some highlights:

Main goal now represented through handy pyramid infographic inspired by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This makes it clearer where you are along the way to colonising a world.

Colonists can now be transported in vehicles, which becomes essential as they grow. Here’s a Bot pushing someone around in a barrow.

Clusters of large hard rock are now found in the deep sea, which makes the world feel more interesting and provides more resource to play with.

There's more camera control in play for those who love to fiddle with their viewpoint.

Continuity in play is improved with the reinforcement of structural upgrades and food production chains.

Structures can now be evolved rather than thrown away and replaced. For example, the crude stone oven is transformed with the right ingredients into a bigger, swankier, brickier one.

This kitchen is dedicated to the seamless manufacture of mushroom-based products: raw transformed through several stages, first into soups and then stews and ultimately filled pies.

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So looking forward to this coming out on Steam! All theses updates look great and so excited to see all the extra functionality and game-play options from the public prototype. :)




hey denki if you need any beta testers im here...i really just wanna play XD

Love it! <3

Need beta testers?


See our reply to Drone Better :)


This is very good. Could you maybe release an early beta on Steam, with all of these new features?


We'll possibly be doing a Beta program as we get closer to release but that's something we still need to discuss with our publisher. If we go ahead with it we'll probably make an announcement on our Discord server.

Wait, how can I access the Discord server?


You can find a link to all our social media pages on the Autonauts page but here's the Discord link.

Thank you! This is very helpful.