Arm-Wrestling Jellied Soapy Kittens

Placeholder ceremonies draw attention to your doing good things :)

MAKING GAMES can sometimes feel like arm-wrestling an octopus or trying to nail jellies to the ceiling - or perhaps more like trying to hold on tight to hundreds of wet soap bars all at once.

Autonauts certainly felt like that until this week when instead it felt like we’d managed to corral all the kittens - that we finally have a game structure that works, that makes us happy, which means development and planning will become more predictable (and comfortable).

Remember that mahoosive technology tree timeline flowchart we did? All of those components have at last been organised, ready to be contained in game in the coming months and no longer spread all over the floor like LEGO bricks lying in wait to surprise anyone in their bare feet.

We now have directed play that feels right, much of which came from the bitter experience of making (and remaking and editing) previous iterations that just didn’t work. We also ended up adding a metric bunch of Quality of Life improvements, to make playing that much warmer and cosier all round.

Lately there's been a resurgence of enquiries about multiplayer. To be clear, this is something we want to support at some point but not until we have the solo experience properly established.

Beacons and signposts now combined for a superhandy way to assign Bots to defined areas.

Bot upgrades easily made and fitted in the field; this abacus boosts a Bot’s brain.
As you make and automate, your Autonaut has related thoughts and ideas, which are logged to provide challenges and active tips for you to complete (or ignore, it’s up to you; we didn’t want to impose a structure that holds your hand so tightly it goes blue, but nor did we want to leave you wandering around in circles alone in the dark).

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willn my data be erased when it updates?

Yeah, unfortunately the old level files are incompatible with the new ones.

Can't wait for the game to be released

I see on all of the images shown here what looks to me to be tree stumps on the ground where trees could grow and be cut down.  Are those stumps?  Will we need to dig them up or will they always remain there?  If we can dig up tree stumps, can they be used for anything?  If they are not stumps, what are they?

Yep, they're stumps. At the moment they're purely decorative, to give a feeling of the effect the player is having on the landscape, and are automatically dug up when you dig on the tile. We had a notion to grow mushrooms on them but that was dropped.

Thank you for that information.  I can understand why you dropped the idea of automatically growing mushrooms on tree stumps.  When I first started planting dug mushrooms in the current (and past) versions of Autonauts, I saw that planted mushrooms would spread to every available nearby empty space.  I built my mushroom farm within an area completely enclosed by a brick wall, with enough bots inside the wall to dig up the mushrooms, store some of them, plant some of them, and one Steam bot to wind up the others.  That way, the mushrooms would only grow in that area.

Nice solution! In the next version you can specify exact rectangular areas for all Find Nearest functions so hopefully it will make things like this a bit easier :)

I. Am. STOKED! <3 <3 <3


This sounds very promising. And it looks wonderful too!


"Version 57"

This is insane! Thanks so much for putting all this work into this game! It is incredible what you guys have done. I am so excited for the release, and I don't mind at all we have to wait still

HmMmMmMMMMMMMMMMMM do you really dont mind?