Autonauts Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha Version 13 and Beyond!

The most common question we are asked - and it's not surprising because, despite our best intentions, we haven't shared our extensive considerations and design work to date - is where are we going with this? What will Autonauts become? Will it ever feature this, that and the other?

Perhaps the quickest, easiest way to answer this is a random dump of keywords concerning what we are working on and towards.

Settlements, villages, towns, cities, structures, huts, cabins, cottages, houses, mansions, castles, transportation, land, sea, air, road networks, horses, carts, cars, trucks, buses, trains, boats, ships, steamers, docks, lighthouses, cranes, bakeries, cafés, string, rope, factories, industries, manufacturing, distribution, economy, masonry, metallurgy, agriculture, vegetables, reclaiming land, paper, books, chainsaws, health, aqueducts, wells, canals, barges, pipelines, culture, art, oil, petrol, plastics, electricity, watermills, solar power, power stations, fish, fishing, cakes, doughnuts, pizzas, pasta, soup, stew, communication, textiles, dyeing, sewing, fashion, markets, mining, mortar, sawmills, science, pigs, chickens, birds, bees, moles, rabbits, sanitation, recreation, comfort, cement, concrete, bricks, tractors, heavy machinery, recycling, new Bots, new Bot upgrades, new Bot commands, weather, research, orchards, vineyards, breeding livestock, cheese...


Hopefully it's increasingly obvious from our weekly updates that the foundation we're putting in place will accommodate all of those things (and more). If not, we need to try harder (or smarter or both).

The main focus of the game will be the Folk. More specifically, tending to their needs by evolving and automating the world around them, from the equivalent of the ancient past, through the middle ages, early and mid modern ages to the modern age - and beyond. You shelter them, feed them, clean them, transport them, entertain them, dress them, bring them together and generally care for them. They are like children or pets. They give reason to automation. Of course, you can always ignore them and automate whatever you like any way you like, we won't judge :D

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Is there a bug at the Clay Furnace?

You should add a Clay Pot (raw).

How to make it?

Raw Clay Pots are made on the Potters Wheel :)

What happened to the change logs you used to post with each update?

Oh. We seem to have forgotten the link!

All the logs can be found here

Thank you.