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Aaron and I would keep making this game forever and for nothing - assuming we were immortal and could keep our families fed, housed and clothed for all that time, too. But we aren't and we can't and, as frugal as we are, our existing financial resource pool is running dry, much like a Steambot burning through its wood just to keep moving, only we get far more sticks than logs (and even then, not many sticks at that).

We don't feel comfortable with In-App Purchases or advertising and the like, so we looked at all sorts of other funding options, everything from sticking with (unpredictable donations or paid entry) through existing publishing avenues and alternative investment partners to the likes of Patreon, Steam Direct, crowdfunding... There was no shortage of suggestions from the community, for which we are grateful. But, to be honest it's numbing, especially when all we want to do is get on making a game we know makes people happy.

Anyway, despite our (well, mostly my) dithering and dathering (and duthering), we had to make a decision and we decided to give crowdfunding a try, specifically Kickstarter, with the aim of creating a much more substantial game out of what's worked so well so far. You can find out more HERE.

We believe in the future of Autonauts but, whatever happens, it's been a privilege serving you every week for the past 18 or so.

Gary and Aaron


Look out for the Halloween Special this Friday!

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I´m happy for you to read it that you found a way that is realistic to get the money and i hope that you get that amount. I sadly can´t give you any money But if the game stays in development and is closer to a regular alpha or beta status or maybe a release version the i would definitely buy it if you set a price on it as soon as possible, i maybe repeat my self but the game is awesome and i definitely love it. it´s already match mostly to that what i like about games that contain "develop" something ^^ And i will definitely continue keep an eye on the game develop status and updates :)