Dress, Feed, Clean, Repeat

This Friday, start meeting folk needs: 1) dress them in clothes you made; 2) feed them when they're hungry (with food you made); 3) clean their dirty clothes; 4) clean dirty crockery (you made); 5) clean dirty folk; 6) clean dirty land; 7) repeat :D

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thats really cute did you draw that? 

and also I'm not feeding them until they pay rent lmao jk

edit: I forgot to tell you how good your game is its great keep it up!

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Hey Guys!

I have seen this pic around, prob Twitter, good stuff! I have not been taking good care of my locals yet but.... I will be good to them in the future! It's weird to say but when I saw this some time ago it really didn't click for me... now..? WhattaGame!!!  The future is beautifull and I hope your game will take off! I am doing my best to get it noticed, so keep our fingers crossed. Bigg Hugg from Holland mates!! ;-)