Autonauts Update, December 2017


How are you? It’s been a while. Yes, we have been rather quiet but only because we’ve been busy making more of a game out of Autonauts.

Now you won’t be thrown in at the deep end with everything available always from the start and no clue what to do. Now you get to complete objectives (or quests or missions depending on your preference) to unlock new blueprints and technology - especially if you look after the folk and help them become more civilised.

The folk now die if you neglect them for too long (no, you can’t recycle them; you build them a nice burial mound instead) but fortunately you can also breed folk (in a U-rated fashion using a special building and oysters, which are washed up on the beach).

Other new features include making the whistle for the bots, a quern for grinding crude flour, pumpkin pieces for food and a timeline that acts a little like a log (diary) by keeping track of your discoveries and inventions as you make them and when you complete key goals.

And if we don’t see you beforehand... Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Autonautily yours

Gary and Aaron

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I have 2 civilians but it says I have none should I start the funeral?

edit:nvm its ok now

Merry autonamas


Sounds good, but i hope things are not artificially locked, but more like Factorio-locked : you need research and structure to move to the next level of tools, not just "you must have walk 5000 tiles to unlock the boots".