Merry Botmas!

That's us almost wrapped up for this year. Hopefully we weren't too Autonauty for Santabot's list :)

Perhaps the biggest addition this week is Game Options, which let you choose between a more structured game and more freeform play - and whether to use key features or rules.

This means it's up to you if you want to play with the concept of death when it comes to raising Folk and automating their world - and if that's under the umbrella of the new day-night cycle.

Oh, and Bots are now made in key parts to assemble, which will ultimately lead to the potential for combinations of bods, heads, brains, drives and the like.

Bring it, 2018!

Gary and Aaron

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I have been away from the game for a while (I dunno why honestly) but I had this game on the back of my head, so I'm glad to see that the developers never forgot about it! :)

We've been just as busy as normal, just without the usual weekly releases so hopefully when we release again you'll see lots of changes.


Ideas for pumpkin: Bash with hammer for pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pie = apple pie but pumpkin and an entire log to cook, pumpkin stew = same as mushroom stew but 2 water and you need a bigger bowl


Nice idea. Unfortunately someone already suggested them and they're on our list :)

Thanks for suggesting though


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year guys!  Best of luck in 2018 :)

\o/    Thanks RAAndre!

Happy New Year everyone!