By Best Gaz

Hello! Now that Autonauts is shaping up as a game, we’d like to make it look better. We’d like it to feel more like Wind Waker, Ooblets, Animal Crossing, that sort of sweet style. But we need a proper artist to help us realise that. Experience with 3D modelling for games is a must. PM us if you reckon you fit the bill (or know someone who does). Cheers!

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That picture is on flique!

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Don't go overbord on your artstyle ;)
I found your project today and i don't see any problems with your slick, blocky artstyle.
One of the most important thinks to keep in mind is the readability for your players, to fancy or even more bad undeveloped artstyles could break that. <- this is only my opinion, hope that does not read as teachy.


Thank you! Rest assured that we want to keep it clean and simple (and readable); we just want to give it a little more... substance :)