Working 9-5-9-5...

Busy busy busy, working day and night and day and... New Bots built with Mk1 parts (and the new Bot-building system) and a new hand-cranked mechanical frame-saw and new crates (among other new things). Woo-oo-oot!

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What's with the mountain button?


They're missions. The player is now given missions to unlock buildings and tools rather than be given everything straight away.

I've got a cool idea

in the one without lighting there can still be night just a bit different and bots should need light upgrade for them to be able to do anything at night

Solar powered bots? :O

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"I've always been fascinated with the idea that complexity can come out of such simplicity" - Will Wright

You deserve this! :D
Have a nice day.


How Much Wood Does The Crank Saw Make?


The Crank Saw is just a replacement for the Benchsaw. Gary decided the Benchsaw was too advanced to get so early on in the game.

what if I use an old file with this update? what will happen to my saws