Selective Automation

Put two cows into the barn and - SCHWING! - as if by magic three come out! Yes, you can now breed livestock and the offspring inherit traits from the parents (like an average size in this example), which means you can automate artificial selection.

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Would you let us know a few things about the icons shown above please?

1. What does the icon that looks like colored circles above and below an arrow at the top right represent?

2. What does the icon that looks like a mountain top with a flag at the center right represent?

3. What does the green icon at the center left represent?  Is that still for buildings?

4. What does the single grid in the middle of the inventory icon at the bottom represent?

Thank you for this information.


You're very observant :)

1. We're experimenting with a 'timeline' of when you unlock things. This is only experimental right now and may very well change.

2. This is a list of your active and completed missions. Missions will unlock things like buildings and items, instead of being all available at the beginning.

3. That's the Terraforming button. At the moment it's a temporary menu that lets us change what a tile is (grass, clay etc). In the final game we want a more physical, direct way of changing tiles. So for instance, to change from Grass to Dirt you would dig.

4. That's your inventory. Yes there's only 1 slot now :) You upgrade to more slots by adding upgrades like the Backpack.


Thank you for providing us with that information.  I look forward to using those enhancements.  When do you estimate that they will be released?

We're not sure yet. We're trying to figure that out right now :)

This game just keeps growing! Can't wait until you've finished with it!

This looks like a great addition to Autonauts!  I hope that it could be part of a small upgrade release soon.  I'm sure that it will be part of the large re-write that you have been working on since last November.  Why not give us this small addition now to keep all of your fans interested.  Thank you for your great work!

Waoooo :O