What's Mined is Yours

So much beneath the surface of this simple sped-up GIF... No, Autonauts is not turning into a Minecraft clone, this is just to make the mining feel contrasting and more physical :) You might notice that you can now mine coal, which'll come in handy for fuelling all sorts of things.

Our firming up of the structure combined with regular play sessions have been helping us confirm more core rules, like resources never running out and folk not dying; we just don't want that pressure in play - the drama comes from what you want to do not what you have to do.

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I personally would like both a relaxed mode and one where I had the challenge of resource limits.

The pickaxe could only break dirt, while you could make a drill to break stone, rather than just getting the resources


So happy with the design decision to not enforce pressure! <3

how do I get this version?

Sorry, this version isn't available yet. The latest public version is still 21.2



this looks cool :D

I dont know if you are already working on it but perhaps terraforming could be fun