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This week's work in progress sees the long-awaited debut of primitive transportation for goods. The combination of generic storage and the discovery of the wheel means you can make basic carts and teach Bots to use them to - well, cart things around.

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P.S. Make Sompthing Faster Than The Scooter Idk Maybe A Pair Of Shoes With A Wheel On The Bottom That Charges Up After Afew Steps? Cost: 2 String, 5 Metal Sheets, 2 Metal Wheels, And 6 Leather

EDIT: Make Metal Wheels On A Metal Workbench With 2 Metal Sheets And One Metal Chisel (You Should Get The Chisel Back From All Of The Chisel Required Stuff Until It Breaks)

make a more advanced box that still works with teleportation storage

(Maybe Add Item Pipes Instead To Collect And Transfer Items From One Box To Another Instead =D )

Yeeeeesssss I've been wishing for this!! :D

I cant wait for the next public version

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Yes finally something to work with my far away wood farm. I hope Autonauts continues doing well and maybe even get on steam. Oh and a question will the residents ever have more of a purpose or will they just always be in their hut?

Yes, in the next version the folk will be very important! :)

thank you for replying sorry for the delay I don't check very often and always I hope the game continues to do very well.


Does this mean the teleportation storage we have right now will no longer work?


yes, that's the plan


how much storage will they have?


We're not sure yet but it will be less than a normal storage.