Can You Dig It? Why, Yes, You Can Now!

Hello! Gary here. Not been ignoring you. Just busy behind the scenes doing boring but necessary things that I could try to dress up to sound more... interesting, I guess, but 'interesting' was about the best adjective I could come up with just then so, yeah...

I did make a mahoosive technology tree timeline diagram, which shows how everything evolves and fits together, which feels pretty cool, if I say so myself. That'll become public once it's settled down a bit.

Meanwhile, Aaron's been neck-deep in the code mire doing lots of utterly tedious but essential low-level rewriting of systems to tidy up all the filthy mess we'd made during our earlier prototyping phase.

A more obvious positive that evolved from that graft, which is nice, is the pretty much complete integration of basic terraforming into the game, which means being able to modify the world more to your liking (obv making the most of automation), which means you can do things like dig ponds and moats now.


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so is there no way to save?

I wonder if he/she will see this?

also I want a sandbox mode

Best of luck guys

holy crab whats next better fishing? maybe some "crabs?'

I cant wait to make a moat around my village :)


So what is that brown thing that flew out of that folk's rear and landed on the ground in the video above?


That's a heart :) The Folk now return your kindness with love hearts, which you can collect and use for other things.




That's good to hear.  At first I thought that we would need to build toilets for the Folk and drop them there after big meals to prevent real messes being left behind!



"Automate THAT, Player!"


its blood he is dying D:

I'd Automate it by sending a bot to the Research Station to bash it until a new object "Toilet" is created.  Then another bot will pick up folk that just ate the overcooked mushroom soup and drop that folk onto the Toilet.  Any folk who aren't taken to the Toilet in time will need to have their brown gifts collected by a third bot and taken to either the Compost Bin, the Incinerator, or the Toilet.

Thanks, nice ideas!

We've had similar thoughts along those lines. Toileting is on our list, but when it will appear I'm not sure.

Even though I haven't touched this game in who knows how long, I am so excited for this! I love how much progress you guys have made since I've last played <3

\o/   We're excited too, to see people play it :)

Omfg :D



water is wonderful!
with it will be more fun, now boring, not enough dynamics )

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guys, and when will the incentive appear in the game?
there is no goal.
not enough dynamic change of day and night, the need for food will be?

did you notice that soil comes a little bit over water?