Transportation evolved, from handcarts to minecarts on wooden tracks (and ultimately trains on metal rails at some point). Now that storage is no longer magically linked like it was in Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha, you need a proper automated distribution network to keep everything moving.

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wow , that look great!


dheki one question when will you relese this update?

please reply

On your next post, would you please include in the video (or image) a sample of the "My Brain" listing?  Since the game is all about controlling the bots, it will be exciting to see a bit of the progress that you have made with the controls.  Thank you for your great work! 

release the game already plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Version 21 to Version 30, wow!


by god this game is looking awesome. 

never tought I would be hyped for this but I am.

mayby a cool idea would be underground minecarts, this way you could make literal mines with little mechanical slaves. another advantage would be that the overworld doesnt look messy with tracks everywhere.


\o/ Yay!

Yeah we've been thinking about how to do underground mining it gets quite complex for the player to manage. We want to keep things as simple to organise as possible.

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Holy moly macatronics :O

Not to further encourage the current scope-splosion cause I don't want you all to burn out ^__^; but I think it would be hecka neat to just treat carts as a type of worker body with a super restricted navmesh, and program each cart (or locomotive) with its own lil worker brain :D

Actually we had similar ideas as well! We imagined having a whole range of special bot parts that beefed up one stat but nerfed another. But we decided it's more fun to see the bots use equipment.

Oh! Of course! That's why you're the best :D

And what is that trebucket/catapult

Or is it crane?

Yep it's a crane. You need these to lift heavier things like carts onto tracks



Wow! Does it require any kind of fuel?

Nope. Just push the lever and go :) When we add a train it will need both water and fuel though.

Could we possibly get a car with its own storage? And vehicles  that bots can use?


Ohhhhhhhh!! :D