Ploughing On

The fruits of focussed, automated research fuelled by the love from your well-tended Folk... A technological advancement suited to the farmer with more 'modern' tastes and larger fields: a crude cow-pulled plough. Can't help but feel for that poor old Bot in the background, struggling with its ancient hoe.

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I see where the developer is heading.

But i can see "Some" Issues.

No, not with the game.

With WHO uses this.

I hope you have to get this by reaserching. 

Make it...More fun and re playable.

it literally says research in the first sentence

Look, i'm sorry i don't pay attention.

Denki can you please releas a unstable version  perhaps a link where we can install it from google docs?

Sorry, but the game's not in a playable state right now. We're not planning on releasing anything until we're happy that it's going to be a good experience for everyone. So we don't plan on doing any releases until it comes to Steam EA. Thanks

wait till it gets to steam but i dont want to be forced to pay for this game and i also  love this game so making it cost would actualy be quite upsetting for me and probrably many other people

Hey Denki, any idea when the next update will be? It's been half a year since the last update. The update is looking absolutely amazing so far! Don't want to rush you, but my patience is running out, haha.

Sorry, but you're going to need to be more patient :( We're not really sure when the next update will be but we're working hard to answer that question!

Maybe 7 Days 4 Weeks 5 Months from now??

I guess you have time to create something.

stfu the looping on the gif is so sick nvm the cow look at the windmill jfc :D


OOOOOOO BOY iam back! [yeah no one cares lol]

I care.



My Circuts Fried When I Saw Ancient Hoe


I subtly note the XP icon that appears when the bot uses said ancient hoe.

it seems like theres going to be levels, as its XP + 1