Cow's About That?

Want to make your automated dairy farm more efficient to meet increasing demand from growing colonists? Then these new milking sheds should be moo-sic to your ears: each one holds up to three cows at a time and increases milking efficiency.

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is this a future update, or a feature that's already in the game that i don't know of?

This will be in the next update. 

How's the game coming guys?


Pretty good. We've been working on missions which don't show very well as an animated gif so we've not made a public post for a while. Hopefully we'll be saying something soon.


Poor cows. Look what the player did to the poor cows :(

they slammed the poor cows.

also is it going to be free once it comes out?

We'll probably have a free, limited version.

after i commented i found thanks though also great game

first off why didn't you say over the MOOn?

It also looks like the bucket was re-textured looks cool great job.

happy weekend!

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I loved the game, please release the update soon,
and it would be cool if in the future they add a tutorial of the type game teaching to begin to create the things in the game and some of the plantations
I do not speak English very well so I threw everything into Google Translate.

there is a video tutorial

How much storage does a barrel have? 

You could put the original liquid storage into the game, except made of metal, as an upgrade to the barrel. 

It behaves pretty much the same as normal storage. 

Yep, storages will be upgradable.

Hmm...32 days since the last update. What's the next feature?

Lol Ive Almost Played Autonauts For A Entire Day Just 1 More Hour To Go!

What is that yellow goo in front of those cows? And I like that how you changed the arrow to be bidirectional in those buildings that have both input and output in same tile

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I believe that is wheat

It might be cereal rather than wheat.  We already know that the cows like to eat cereal, which is in the game and is yellow.  If it is wheat, then perhaps wheat has replaced cereal as the main crop.