Automated cause for celebration: UK Games Fund winner!

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HECK YEAH! :D <3 this game is such an injection of lifeblood into the genre!!

Whoa! I just got an account for this (I donated to the Kickstarter previously), and wanted to ask you; Will we have Paper Copy Machine Robots like the one on the right? Maybe as mobile programming storages for more smart automation?

Interesting. So you mean a bot that walks around keeping backups of all the other bots' scripts?

what if it can program bots like bots can make bots but only players can program

Congratulations, I hope this will help you to improve Autonauts and to make it discover to more people because I think it's the best game I ever played :)

Aw shucks :D Thanks!


\o/ Thanks!

Congratulations! :)

Thank you!