Autonauts Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha Version 3 is GO!

WOO! And OOT! Here's the second update of Autonauts.

Still a long way to go but we like where it's going - and hope you do too.

The main focus for this release has been improving the experience of teaching Workerbots; we've also fixed as many issues as possible.

You can read through (and comment on) the Change Log here.

There'll be a new video soon, too, to help better appreciate the evolved Workerbot teaching.


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Jul 16, 2017

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Crude bots are very easily avoidable. With the only cost difference being the creation of the gear router, there is no point in making any. The only reason I would use one was because the basic bots were too efficient at doing things like making poles. Version 3 says there is now much more control over the teaching of bots so crude bots are even more unnecessary. 

For the mac version, whenever I try to take water my character can't move anymore. Just thought to let you know (or maybe you know a way to fix it). But I can't feed the people and it makes me sad :C Otherwise, its a great game!

Yes, that's a known issue, now fixed for sure if you download the latest Mac version again :D