Autonauts Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha Version 4 FTW!

Wowza! Another build already?

I was away on holiday last week so this update is only a small one and is mostly bug fixes but we've thrown in a few new things to keep you going until next week.

You can check the change log here.

Files 28 MB
Jul 24, 2017 30 MB
Jul 24, 2017 51 MB
Jul 24, 2017 70 MB
Jul 24, 2017

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what do u use dung for

could u add an incinirator or so

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Good bug fixes there. ;D Also, I also found this through a youtube channel. Just can't remember which youtuber...


Just found this through Aavak's YT channel, LOVING it so far! :D

awsome game keep up good work


\o/  Thanks!