Autonauts Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha Version 5 is HOT!

It's Happy Monday again so it's time for another update and this time we've done a bit of new content. 

Highlights include 

* Hats! 

* Milk!

* Straw!

And lots more. Plus a load of community bugs got fixed along the way.

You can check the full change log here.

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Jul 31, 2017 28 MB
Jul 31, 2017 51 MB
Jul 31, 2017 70 MB
Jul 31, 2017

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how do you make straw? Ive been playing for a few hours, and I'm still completely lost as to how you make straw


oh, nevermind, I finally used my threshing machine, and found out.

I love the game so far.  I'm not sure if my cows are broken, but they stop making dung after first drop.  Only way to get more is to quit and reload.  

The '!' above their head means they need to be milked. We'll be changing the icon soon to be more clear. Thanks

Thanks.  It took awhile but I figured it out.  I probably just needed to go to sleep after playing all night and clear my head :)

I have some ideas, and adjustments that may interest you, where could I write them?

You can put them here or you can post them on our Discord server. Thanks!

There should be better robots

probably in the process on next few updates since we got Metal Gear XD


"Dung left alone now disappears after 60 seconds"

Oh nooooôôOOOOO ! You had ruined the thing that made Dungtown so pretty :o(

The worst thing which has changed ; seedling are no longer stacked verticaly... I can't make flower pots anymore, no way to finish Westclaytown as I imagined it T__T

You had broken all my pleasure, do you hate me ?


time to suggest some decorative items ^^)

Nice update Denki. & Thank you aswell.

I started new game cause of seedlings update.

Anyone knows how long the cows eat grass again? Im using Save & Load Trick so cows became thin again and eat grass. 

BTW did you tweek the growth of grass?

cant play

When do I get to make cake?

Already did, dung looks like "brownies" cake ^^