Autonauts Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha Version 6.2 is the Newest Black!

(ARGH! There was an unexpected item in the bagging area with 6.1; more specifically, kicking the bucket in the incinerator could lead to save file corruption. That's now sorted, so get 6.2 instead.)

(So, yes, there were some issues we missed but those are now fixed, not least thanks to the might of the automendous Autonauts Community!)

Monday, Monday. So good to us, with the release of the latest update to AUTONAUTS!

This one addresses lots of community feedback. Not all of it, sure, but we are paying attention and reacting as best we can :)

You can read the full Change Log HERE.

Stay Autofresh!

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Aug 07, 2017 52 MB
Aug 07, 2017 28 MB
Aug 07, 2017 30 MB
Aug 07, 2017

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IMPORTANT:  no one should discover secret flower before me ^^

"Rumours of newly discovered flora in far-away lands added..."

Found, not a flower but this is cute. I submit we can take fruits without cutting it. Can folks eat them ?


plz look at this.

whats new?

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Hi :) ! The changelog is the same as the version 5, i don't know if it's normal or it takes time ? :)

Edit : I just notice as the link of the changelog 6 send to the changelog 5 so i guess you don't publish the changelog 6 yet xD

It would be instant if AutoGaz had remembered to copy them into the Change Log :)