Autonauts Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha Version 7 is Swell!

Note: Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha Version 6.2 is the most stable current version and still available for download if you don't want to take a chance with this update.

Most of the last week has been finding and fixing bugs, but we haven't ignored improvements and new features :)

Check out the Change Log HERE to see what's new and improved.

Stay 'Nauty! :D

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Aug 14, 2017

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I updated my game to the latest version and it is telling me "No executables found" when I try to launch my game.  

Oh dear. How did you update the game?

I hit the update button on the app, but currently the app is not working when I try to use it.  (I know that that is probably not your fault)

You may need to uninstall and reinstall?


how do i save in this new version of this game on my Mac , is not working???


A change we made with Version 7 was to allow you to save anywhere on your machine. I think on Mac it will default to the desktop but you can point to any folder you like. Your old save files will still be on your machine in possibly in a folder like Users/<USERNAME>/Library/Application Support/Denki/Autonauts/


Im wondering, if i buy this game here ( i want ) i have to repay when it comes out?